Coreprint Patterns Inc.

Coreprint Patterns specializes in making pattern tooling for the sand casting industry. We also do high-end custom CNC milling for a variety of applications. We focus on delivering extremely accurate and functional products to customers throughout Canada and the United States.

How we do it

  • Powerful software gives us the ability to develop and test complex designs in order to perfectly create the desired part;
  • CNC machining ensures that the model is translated into a physical part with no error resulting in a flawless pattern;
  • 3d Printing puts us at the leading edge of innovative prototyping and pattern making techniques.

Unlike many pattern makers we handle all aspects of our manufacturing process in house! 3d scanning, 3d modeling, pattern design, CAM programing, CNC milling, 3d printing – we do it all. This means nothing is lost in translation and that we can operate very quickly.

We can help you