Segmental core pattern for double suction impeller

This pattern for a double suction fully enclosed impeller includes a 1/2 pattern, centre core box, dryer, and L/R hand segmental core boxes. Materials: pine, mahogany and Baltic birch ply. Size: approx 24″ O.D. Sorry about the poor photo quality.

Double suction impeller

Ingersoll-Rand loose vane impeller pattern

This is a loose vane pattern for an open style Ingersoll-Rand impeller.

loose vane impeller pattern - top viewLoose vane impeller patternThe master vane was CNC machined to ensure accuracy to the original part, as well as a perfect fit in the hub. Duplicates are cast poly-urethane.

CNC machined master vane 1CNC machined master vane Here is the worn OEM part from which the pattern was reverse engineered:

Ingersoll-Rand OEM impeller

And the finished part:

open impeller casting