Inconel Putter Investment Cast Inconel 718 Putter 3D printed prototypes were utilized until the design was perfected. We then designed and manufactured a pattern die for investment casting. The finished product is a putter as tough as a jet engine. Deliverables Product Design Tooling [...]


Scraping Blanks Cast Iron Scraping Blanks For hand scraping into precision tools to recondition old worn out equipment or improving inexpensively built machinery. Deliverables Product Designs Tooling Design and Manufacturing Castings


Electronics Enclosure Custom Electronics Enclosure This project began with us modifying the design of the enclosure to make it suitable for manufacturing. From there we designed and manufactured tooling, machining fixtures, sourced castings, and took care of finish machining and coatings. Deliverables Design Audit Tooling [...]


Fire Pit Cast Iron Fire Pit A custom cast iron fire pit for a client looking for a simple, modern design. Tough enough to brave the elements. Deliverables Product Design Tooling Design and Manufacturing Castings