CNC Milling and General Machining

From Prototyping to High Production Runs

We utilize high-quality materials and the latest technologies to bring you quality parts.

Machining is an accurate and repeatable method to manufacture precision parts quickly. With relatively low tooling costs, machining is an effective method for manufacturing as well as finishing parts. Need custom machining?

Fixture Design

We design and produce all of our fixtures in-house.

For production machining, fixtures are required to easily and repeatedly hold workpieces in place. Equally important, clamping forces need to hold parts in alignment without introducing distortion.

We design our fixtures to ensure proper alignment. But, for castings, with enough flexibility to account for variation between parts. In addition, by utilizing in-process probing we are able to accurately locate key features.

Castings Present Unique Challenges

Metal castings are not identical and are imperfect. As a result, they present challenges in work holding and locating. In addition, parting line shifts, flashing, low tolerances, and draft adds to the complexity of machining.

We understand the complexity of castings and the implications for the machining process.

We Enable You to Thrive

You need accurate parts on time. You can rely on us for the machining to make that happen.

In a world of rising costs and increased overseas competition, you need reliable suppliers who understand your business and its challenges. Our goal is to become your strategic partner by adding value to your business and helping you remain competitive.

A dedication to customer service has helped us build the trust of our many longtime customers.

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